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5 Signs You're Actually a Superhero Mom

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Ever wonder how the superheroes got to be so great? And how you can reach their level of super agility, speed, and power? Well, Kick up your heels on that pile of laundry, turn on your baby monitor and throw back a tumbler of wine. This is my list of 5 ways Mom’s are like Superheroes!!

#1- That 3rd eye that no-one can explain, affects our future:

“Foresight,” “third eye,” “the magic of maternal instinct,” “just luck.” Call it what you want, often as a mother, we see what no one else can. Be it feelings, clothes hidden under the bed, that homework you lost, but she found at the last minute. We moms have a knack for using the power of the third eye. And we are good at it. The funny thing is, this superpower comes from real power and raising kids. When you have a child placed in your care, suddenly you are in charge of their future, if not all future. Since that little bouncing baby will eventually become a working member of society. He or she could grow up to be a dictator or a savior to everyone who comes after, that is a real and kind of scary thought, so we don’t wanna Eff it up!

#2- Super Intuition-

That tingly feeling you get when the potty training toddler is about to pee on the floor, so you rush him to the nearest potty, or pot, or patch of dirt. Or the feeling in the pit of your stomach that tells you your teen is being bullied at school but doesn’t wanna talk about it. These are real troubles that moms often deal with unannounced. Often you can’t tell your teen you are helping them, and often no one cares that you noticed the little extra twitch in the toddler's face that meant it was “go time.” But there it is, mom’s radars are always on. Even at night, you come out of a deep slumber because a quiet-as-a-mouse five-year-old is standing near your bed staring at you silently, your extra super intuition-radar goes off telling you he needs a fever check before you even touch him. It’s these kinds of powers that make us superhuman.

#3- Super Strength-

Ever read the stories where the mom pulled the car off of the child, or where a mom fights off an attacker to defend her child or takes a stray bullet. That is something most, if not all, mothers wouldn’t hesitate to do. Fighting nature for nine months to create another human, and then giving birth, will usually imbue a super strength to even the timidest of women. We have suddenly ascended to our superhuman level. Any amount of pain out there could no longer compare, and if it does, you are a mom now, you don’t back down just because it hurts. You have suddenly sacrificed your entire body for that little creature, and that is all there is to it. Boom Superhero!

#4- Minimalism Survival-

Sleep? Eat? Relax? What are those? After nine months carrying another human inside your body, or time spent with an infant crying through the night until your ears bleed and making it to the next day, you have survived it all. There are many people out there who admit they can’t function without their 8 hours, or turn into a grouchy and grumbly bear if they haven’t eaten their last meal. But Moms out there often go without; they are missing meals, or staying up with sleepless infants with an earache, or helping a 10-year-old study for her test, and yet we still have to function with all the above superpowers intact. Often carrying on with their full-time jobs or with their daily tasks too, keeping our faculties in tune. That is the definition of super.

#5- Multitasking-

I’ve heard it said before that there is no such thing as multitasking. Ha! This is one secret of motherhood. The ability to function on multi-levels and juggle multiple tasks while continually adding in new and expelling finished or accomplished tasks is one of the best superpowers ever, and one that would have its own button on the mom superhero tool-belt. Mom's constantly juggled things for the family, their kids, their spouses, or themselves; it's the nature of the job. It could be work, housekeeping, child-rearing, homework management, running a business from home, fighting a cold as it sweeps through the family, paying bills, meal planning, cooking, and shopping, running the carpool, meeting with teachers; and sometimes you have to manage your team (Family) to help juggle these tasks. When you have that much going on at once, it can overwhelm and be scary. Juggling everything can be one of the hardest elements in mom-hood. But being hard is part of what makes it a superpower. If it weren’t hard, everyone would do it.

So that’s my list of the five things about being a mom, that means you’re secretly a Superhero. Here are some bonuses that also seriously contribute to your awesomeness as a mom.

1. Motherly Empathy-

There is no-one more empathetic than a Mom. No, really. There may be moms that AREN’T empathetic. But, of the moms that are, there is nothing like the intensity of that love and understanding and acceptance, that an empathetic Mom gives. Often people could get by on that magic and the power it imbues in you, all on its own.

2. Future Awareness-

Sometimes the future is hard to read; it can be a scary thing to think about, wars, climate, crime, and violence. Mom’s who understand that their children and their eventual grandchildren will live in this world we leave behind, know that the future doesn’t have to be grim and shouldn’t be. Otherwise, why fight to bring a person into this world, only to see it destroyed? So Why not raise amazing tiny humans to make the world a GREAT place to live instead? Mom’s think about the big questions.

3. Making a Human the Ultimate DIY-

Making a human is a big deal; it is grueling, not an instant event and gives you respect for nature, creation, and science. The things you go through like the appointments, the sonograms, the examinations and the actual birth (and for those adopting or merely helping raise a child) raising a tiny human, reliant on your every move until they can become reliant on them-self, is a huge thing. The process creates tremendous respect for life. And it is the ultimate self-made craft and the power of what makes you appreciate humanity.

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