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An Open Letter to My Kids in 2020

My dear Kiddos, 

I am writing you this letter because I have a few things to explain. 

First, this year has been a mess, and none of that mess is your fault, it’s important to me you know that. I know Daddy and I have been under a lot of stress and you are tired of hearing us talk about the news and other things like that in our special grownup code, but occasionally parents have to talk about things that you may not understand. 

I hope you know, and if not we will try to make it clear every day, that this is not the world we wanted for you, and because of that making a change would be the best way forward. I have insured you feel loved, and are safe, and that you always will have help when you need it. I have instilled in you a sense of right and wrong, and fairness to others less fortunate than you, and also an awareness that we are not in the top tier of privilege either. Systemic poverty and elements of other things that started long before you were born had disadvantaged us both in unique ways.

 Your Dad grew up poor and white, a ward of the state, with complicated inner-weavings that are too many to mention here. Life was harder for him than he lets on, and that is why he is the way he is. He views the world through a wider lens and scope than most people.

A semi disabled, Mexican-American woman raised me. My mother, your grandmother, raised us alone, battered in her marriage early on, she finally left a man who would have been your Grandfather if he ever cared to be better. She took almost no help and worked hard every day to give us (her 4 children) a better life. Even though the systems in place were always against her; she fought for our survival and taught us more than anyone about empathy despite the way the world treated her and us. 

This upbringing raised me to accept all races, genders, creeds, ability, and beings as equal; it raised me with a sense that nature is ours to protect and preserve and that a belief in science is invaluable. It raised me to stand up and fight against injustices, even if it’s not convenient for you or easy. It raised me to think for myself, not only about myself but about the greater good of all.

I believe it is these core convictions that drew us (your Dad and I) to one another all those years ago; he gained that knowledge from watching the evils at play, unprotected; I gained it from watching the world around me play out against my favor. I think these common beliefs are why we knew how we would raise our children, and what made us happy to share this life and become a family. 

I hope this year carries with it a global reset for everyone, to help those who have lost sight of these things to regain their perspective. I hope to help you learn these lessons more going forwards, and most of all I hope 2020 has been a year of upheaval and change for the better, a time to see clearer and learn the lessons of the past that we as a society missed- a long time in coming. We can make this world a better place for you and with you. I hope we work towards that better tomorrow, every day from this day forward.

XOXO ~ Mommy

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