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5 Tools that make Stay-at-Home Life Easier

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

Now that the world is stay-at-home (for all intents and purposes) due to the CoVid-19 virus and we all are voluntarily (and some not so voluntary) quarantine; those of you out there who aren’t quite up to the stay at home life might like a list of easy tips and suggestions of tools that make that SAH life easier. So buckle in while I break down the list of 5 things that make My SAHM life easier. *Stay At Home*

#1- Wine! - I know people who tout wine as a solution to their problems get a lot of flack (and might need to look into AA) But when you have to spend 24 hours listening to your whole family complain and celebrate being home all at the same time, a little wine lessens the obligation you have to chime in, as your mouth and hands are occupied. A nice glass of your favorite Vino also helps give variety to the same-old-same-old by allowing you to believe you are at a fancy dinner party, in the evenings or during that Zoom call.

#2- Computers or devices- When everyone is able to shut off the incessant noise that accumulates in enclosed quarters, it’s always a win-win. But seriously when you have multiple children of varying ages, sometimes staggered device time can provide your middle schooler with that quiet headspace to take an online test when the elementary schooler is done working and wants to play.

#3- A Slow Cooker/Instant Pot- I could do a whole post in itself on the Instant pot and still have more to gush about, and I probably will someday soon. But the key to these being on the list is that when you have multiple people suddenly at home for all meals and no eating out possible, night after night. Cooking in the oven can be a pain, lots of mess to clean nightly, and also can heat up an already overcrowded house day after day. Enter the cooking pot hack. Be it Crock or Instant, this reduces the pots and pan messes into a single one stop-one pot, and bonus it prevents a whole house heat up. And finally, it runs itself so there is no need to stand over stirring or mixing or doing much prep if any to have full meals every day on repeat. A total must-have for stay-at-home life.

#4 Streaming subscriptions- Needless to say when you have kids at home, or a spouse you love, sometimes the stay-at-home life (especially in Quarantine) requires a variety of viewing options for downtime. And let's face it downtime is something we have a lot of these days, even if we are still working or caring for our kids. Streaming subscriptions like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and Disney+ make this possible. Everyone can take turns picking the night's entertainment, there are many options right now for education viewing and sometimes even recorded tours and classes. There is literally something for everyone.

#5- Internet- Let's all face it; half of the options above require some sort of way to access the web, and internet providers have since recognized that their services are vital, for telecommuting work, and tele-schooling; not to mention the entertainment level of usage has gone up. There really isn’t anything more to say than that.

Some might notice I didn’t add your back yard, your garage for projects, or your garden or things in that avenue. And the reason is some families and people are literally sitting this thing out in apartments that right now feel like hamster cages. And we can’t say that a yard is an essential element of surviving stay-at-home orders because they are having to make do too. It’s a new normal for everyone. SO that is the list of 5 essentials to surviving Stay-at-Home life. Let me know if you have any other ideas for survival in the CoVid-19 Quarantine because I’d love to hear how you are making it work.

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