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Cradle Cap and the Natural treatment.

Cradle Cap Cure

With a new baby comes with reminders of old problems. One of these old problems that I had all but forgotten about was the ever elusive Cradle Cap.

Cradle Cap is not dangerous and more of a nuisance than anything else. It is a greasy layer of flakes that form a “cap” over the top of the baby’s head, early on in their life. Out of my three babies I have had two with, and one without Cradle Cap. My son never seemed to deal with it. My eldest daughter had a thin nearly non-existent layer. I read about different methods of removing it. But I was worried what to use with her delicate skin. With Lil Bear I tried a couple of methods for removing the Cap. I used plain shampooing her hair and air drying it. When that did not work, I used olive oil rubbed into her hair on her scalp, and then brushed out until the flakes detached from her head. When it was all in her hair and less so on her scalp, we shampooed with regular mild baby soap.

But with Lil Sweets I tried two methods. I started with Coconut oil and a baby brush. But after a few days it seemed that not only had it not helped to detach the cap, but it was growing thicker! Ewww. So I finally tried the olive oil and brushing again and sure enough the flakes detached and I was able to wash her hair after a couple of hours and her hair ended up fluffy again, and her scalp was clear.

I loved how she smelled after the coconut oil more than the olive oil, but the olive oil treatment was the best solution to clearing the cap immediately. What methods have you tired, let me know!

Notice also : Baby eczema Avenno helped clear up baby's little face rash almost instantly! (Affiliate Link)

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