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A Break from My Spring Break

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

A Break from my Spring Break

Happy Easter

Spring Break, that magical time with bikinis and margaritas, or sleeping in until noon is upon us. But as I sit here on the last Friday before the break begins two things glare at me in the early morning light. 1. It will be my first two weeks of uninterrupted one-on-one time with all 3 of my kids. 2. After Spring Break is over there will only be 9 weeks left of school; and LilBear still has a lot of catching up to do.

It is my job to be sure that the kids don’t go nuts with cabin fever. We are all too familiar with that condition as I spent most of the end of my pregnancy like a hermit, and then after the baby was born we again hibernated due to illness being rampant in late winter/early spring.

LilMonkey desperately needs to make some friends and to get outside activity. He is showing signs of the negative effect of being cooped up for months. LilSweets has emerged from the cave a few times now, and I have managed well I think, so I shouldn’t be afraid to get out with them all.

Depending on the weather park dates are in order, and a visit to their Grandmama’s house should break up the time nicely. Let’s not forget the fun of Easter and April fool’s day, it will be LilSweets first. In order to keep LilBear on task during this time, I think journaling and flashcard review will be just what she needs, perhaps a book report too. This will be good practice for the summer where I also plan to spend the time helping her get caught up, this year has been difficult on her.

As for me, I should be writing during every free moment; I need to get used to my new schedule. I need to be up at least 2 hours before the kids, and I thought the next two weeks are the perfect time to begin this practice. Also I need to move my writing time around to fit it in, and fill the rest of my day up with productivity and focus on the kids. Meal planning and prep are also a goal for spring break. Before we know it those last 9 weeks will be flying by, and I need to be prepared.

My goal is to commit to consistency and schedule so that I can better manage my little clan, and begin my journey to publishing.

Lets just hope that I don’t need a break from my spring break.

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