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Big Family News!!

Over the last year I have learned a lot about myself and my life. I am a fountain of excuses and what if’s. I say this in full honesty knowing that I am about to make one more excuse for abandoning my craft for nearly 12 months. But this last year has taught me that I can be and do more!

Kisses and Hugs

As you may or may not know, our family consists of myself, my husband of 3 years/15 years together, and our two children #LilBear our 9 year old, and #LilMonster our 4 year old. But what you may not know is that last year about two weeks before my 35th birthday we discovered our family was about to grow a little bit bigger. I was expecting our third Little, and it had not fully sunken in. I abandoned all motivation to write ANYTHING, which terrifies me. I spent the last 9 months working on what I consider a much more important job, my first job; being a mother.

My pregnancy was more difficult than either of my other two, not due to a major illness or anything. In fact, like my last two pregnancies I didn’t get Gestational Diabetes, and better than my las two I only gained 15lbs which was a big deal for me, since I was overweight each time I got pregnant before. But this time around my nausea was constant and the vomiting was frequent and while trying to manage my 9 year olds schedule and my overactive 4 year old I felt like life was swallowing me whole.

Some weeks felt like they were dragging the slowest I have ever experienced and some scared me how fast they flew by. Suddenly I was 9 months pregnant and my 3rd baby was due any minute. Was I ready? How would I handle motherhood again? How would my LittleBear and LittleMonkey handle having a little sister? I was sitting in the passenger seat of my car, with my husband driving and my son in the back seat circling our neighborhoods costing contractions before my appointment on my due date wondering how all this would play out. But like clockwork, 2 days later my body woke up with the telltale signs and I knew…our #LittleSweets was on her way.

Today, 4 weeks after she entered the world I sit writing this and can’t believe I ever doubted, She is as much a part of our crazy family as she could ever be. We were meant to be a family of five and the best part is I am back and more motivated than ever to make writing and blogging my profession so that I am able to make the best life possible for my three littles and my hubby.

So stay tuned as I revamp and relaunch myself into my Writing and Mommy goals and welcome back, I hope you enjoy!!



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