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Back to School : Magic or Myth?

Off to School

I have heard about the magic of Back to School for years, but is it magic, or is it myth ?

At the end of every Summer, most kids return to their regular scheduled programming. We Parents hear the fable of the Mom and the Magic Hour. This is the magical tale where Mom magically resumes household order. Or she gets an hour to herself to wash her hair or paint her nails. Or better still some moms go back to school herself. Sometimes she just sits there to veg out for the first time all year —BonBons anyone?

I admit I was skeptical. You see, LB (LittleBean) has only been on Summer break twice until now. Both those times a major life event made Back to School more hectic for the family than not, so no magic hour for me. But this year I planned ahead. The shopping was all done and finished in advance. The house was still in summertime disorder. (But at least we weren’t in the middle of a move - like the last two summers.)

SO, Back to School this year was a lot less focused on us (Hubby and I.) and more focused on the kids! And miraculously I didn’t lose it! They both got to bed the night before by 8. Amazing. She got up and dressed before me (Bonus.) And he slept in (Bonus Bonus.) Breakfast was smooth, due to the meal plan I prepared before. Lunch was smoother since we had everything cleaned and ready to pack the night before. And shoes, teeth, and hair were a cinch since we bought a bottle of hair detanging spray during the summer. On top of all that my soon-to-be-potty-trained 3-year-old son, he needed to potty. He told me early enough so that he was able to go (#1&2) And I didn’t have to deal with a dirty diaper (Miracle.) I was in Mommy Heaven. I mean if that isn’t Back to School Magic I don’t know what is!

I had a productive rest of the day too ! Laundry, folding, dishes and kitchen cleaning all done. I organized the kid's room and got 2 bags filled to donate to Goodwill.

My 3-year-old and I got some much needed, Mommy and LM (LittleMonkey) bonding time again. Which I could tell he missed with LB being home. What kiddo doesn’t love One-on-One Mommy time?

I realized something today with all this Back to School Magic. Not everything is going to be perfect all the time. It’s important to try to keep yourself as balanced as you can with that little time for yourself. Because, before you know it that Summer bell will be ringing again. They will be home and be throwing your world into utter chaos.

But I guess the real myth is that we don’t really love that bit of chaos they bring to our lives. And I wonder, if nurturing them and helping them to grow into the people they will someday be, isn’t the real magic that fills the best parts of our day.

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