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Homemade Cold Brew ~ My Own Black Magic

Have you seen the newest coffee fad? I have! And I have tried it, it’s the BEST thing since sliced bread. And its fairly cheap at the various retail sources and all. BUT sometimes you crave that strong cold black magic first thing in the morning at home. And then what do you do?

Well, I found the solution in four basic steps to make homemade Cold Brew, and here I share it with you. Here are the tools I use to make-

Large mason jars (I use 2 - 48 oz jars)

Whole Bean Coffee -your preference-

(either a grinder or ground in advance a coarse grind)

A large measuring cup or Bowl

A fine sive

Coffee filters (any)

A receiving container

(I use the empty old Starbucks Cold Brew bottles from the store)

4 steps 2
4 steps

Now the four easy steps I follow each time I make the coffee

seem to produce just the right amount of strength that Hubby and I like, you can add more water, or less grinds (some recommend 3/4 instead of 1 cup.) Here is a simple illustration for reference:

#1- Grind and measure:

Grind 4 cups of beans with a coarse grind. Now, to follow my recipe you just take your 6 cup Mason Jar and fill it with 2 cups of grinds. Mmmm that smells good, and repeat if you have two jars.

#2- Fill and Chill:

Fill your 6 cup mason jar with cold filtered water. Stir to soak all the grinds. Now seal and store in the fridge. A minimum of 12 hours to a max 18; some say 8 will work some say 24 will work. But Hubby and I like 12-18.

#3- Filter:

The finished product

This part takes the longest. I place the sieve and coffee filter over the large 4 cup measuring cup that I have (it has a pour spout, so it makes the rest easy.) Pour out the contents of the Mason Jar into the apparatus, and try not to get the grinds underneath the filter. When my measuring cup is filled enough I transfer the Back Magic to the cleaned empty Starbucks bottles and seal them for later use.

#4- Serve and Enjoy:

When you are ready for an awesome cup of Cold Brew you just pour the cold contents into your cup over ice or without, dress it up with flavor or sugar, and half and half or milk. If you want you can add a little water to make it not so strong too.

This is super easy to keep stored and use and remake as often as you need. I find that we go through two 48 Fl oz pretty quickly. Let me know what you think, or how you like your bold cup of Black Magic best. And as always don't forget to subscribe below and let me know what you thought of this recipe.

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