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Boom Boom, Fun Fun ~ How we celebrated 4th of July 2016

This year we decided to spend the 4th having fun with family, cooking and just recouping. This past year had been a long one. A really long one. We have moved more than once this past year. We have relied on amazing family and friends to get us through it and we have found out what we are made of.

In honor of all that we have done this year, the Hubbs and I decided we would do several things this weekend. We started off Friday with all our chores so the weekend would be as de-stressed as we could get it. We packed the kiddos up and picked up our 10-year-old nephew. We headed out of town to San Diego (our old home town) to visit Grandmama. We hadn’t been down for a visit since Christmas. The kids had a blast at their old favorite park, swimming, and playing with the cats. The Hubbs went on a solitary early morning hike Sunday.

The top of Cowles Mountain, San Diego

We came home Sunday minus LittleBean and her cousin. They stayed to see the fireworks at her uncles by the bay. We unpacked and dealt with a leaky sink (cause sometimes you have to.) On the 4th we worked on our own projects. I started my first batch of Cold Brew - recipe and pics to follow. We had chili dogs for lunch (the Hubbs go-to easy meal) and I made a 4th of July cake. Amazingly we got to watch the local fireworks from our balcony. After the sparklers settled down so did we into a movie date night after LittleMonkey was in bed. We had to wait up for LittleBean, she was dropped off by her Uncle and Cousin.

And even though it wasn’t a flashy 4th, it was just what we needed.

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