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Fun Summer Projects with Kids

Summer with kids can be wild and busy. But one of the best ways to prevent the bouts of boredom that inevitably come with the summer at home is the summer project list. 

The summer project list is what I like to use as a standard to sprinkle in some variety into our long summer days. This list can contain projects ranging from simple to complex, single to multiple person projects, and for a variety of ages too. 

One of our favorite items on the SPL is the all too popular Slime Project: (Beware it gets Messy). 

Basic Slime Recipe:

 -Glue 1 bottle 6 oz (we prefer colorful glitter glue)

 -1/4 C Water

 -1/4 C liquid starch (OR) baking soda 1 1/2 Tsp and contact lens solution 1.5 tsp

 (Be careful as you need to mix and knead the mixture a while)

The next project we love to do is Lego Home Design. We usually have to cage the baby in her pack-n-play for this one. 

You will need:

 - One Big Box of Legos 

 - One flat green base per kid

 (Let them design their homes and uses as many colors and pieces until they are   happy with their home design)

Another super popular project the years over is homemade play-dough. This had always been a superstar with my kids. 

Basic Play-dough Recipe:

 - 2 C of flour

 - 1C salt

 - 2C Water

 - 1 TBL Veg oil

 - 4 Teas Cream of Tartar

 - Food Coloring for different colors 

 (Again it can get messy, and there are many variations of recipes for different outcomes ie: glitter, scented beads)

Making an indoor tent for movies or nap times or reading buddy time is always welcome. 

 What you will need:

  - Pushpins

  - Blankets

  - Pillows and stuff

  - (Optional: Chairs)

 (Just build until they all can fit in a cozy way)

Shrinky Dink design stations can be fun but require super parent supervision. 

 What you will need:

  - A pack of shrinks dink paper (Find on Amazon here: or a craft stores)

  -Markers (permanent best in colors)

  -(Optional) design templates you can print out from the web.

Sink and Float Tests and The Ice Cube String test are both familiar to my childhood. 

 The Ice Cube Test: 

 Try picking up a piece of ice with a string. Can you do it without tying knots?

  What you need:

    -Ice cube







   Fill the glass to the top with water.

   Cut a piece of string around 20 centimeters long.

   Place an ice cube in the water. It will float.

   Lay the string across the ice cube and glass.

   Cover ice cube and string with a layer of salt.

   Leave for one minute. 

   Carefully pick up the ends of the string.

 Sink and Float Tests: (Example she has other great STEM projects on her site) 

Making Time-out jars or “Growing” Water Beads are always a good interest keeper, but again there is an age restriction for play with both items. 

 Water Beads:

 Time Out Jars or “Calm Down Jars” 

  What you will need:

  - Simple bottle or jar (preferably plastic with a firm lid)

  -1-2 Tablespoons of glitter glue

  -3-4 teaspoons of glitter (dry)

  -Warm Water to fill

  -A tiny bit of food coloring (optional)

  -(Beads or objects optional)

This list of summer projects can are adjustable and changeable but these are just our go-to favorites, projects we have done almost every year and will stand by as projects designed to keep your kids entertained for even a short time during those long summer days. 

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