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Book Review ~ Love Unsought By Kay Bea

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Love Unsought Review ~

This month I got to read a recent release entitled Love Unsought, published by Kay Bea released on 6/15/20 by Quills and Quartos Publishing.

It's available in paperback and Kindle on Amazon.

This lovely book is a new take on the events surrounding the love story of my all-time favorite, the classic Pride and Prejudice written by Jane Austen.

Bea immerses her readers into an already well-woven storyline, by starting strongly with an added backstory for the major Hero, giving context to later conflicts that follow.

In this fresh retelling, we first meet Elizabeth Bennet after the disastrous proposal from Mr. Darcy at Hunsford Parsonage. Bea fills in the narrative with new scenarios and actions to drive the angst between the main couple. This book weaves the events from our beloved classic novel along with extra beats in the timeline. She adds touches of excitement, unraveling and re-raveling ribbons of the love story between Darcy and Elizabeth. I felt their relationship was more eased into with this telling, as it presents them in a fresh light when they meet one another again and again.

Bea's writing is in the tone of classical Austen language, and she accomplishes this so well that you almost don't miss a beat from the original. Her style helps to immerse her audience into the world that she created within the borders of the immortalized story.

I enjoyed learning the complexity and intensity of Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy. Darcy now has more back story and insight lending itself to a greater understanding of his character, and therefore we see a little clearer the inner workings of our Hero and Heroine's thoughts and feelings.

This novel brings to light new allies and friendships not previously explored. With added devious characters, the drama leaves you feeling the searing heat behind the conflict that arises. I find that the meatier backstory of George Wickham lends depth to his actions that allow for a more satisfying conclusion regarding his storyline.

I loved the number and variety of relationships present in this narrative. Although in the tale's forefront, the Bennet family is hardly the only family tested. I enjoy how romantic couples like Darcy, Elizabeth, and Bingley and Jane have more time to develop in this version. But the siblings, cousins, friendships, and even villains give us a broader grasp of how events come to pass in their story. You can't help but cheer when those who undertake to become a wedge between the lovers get their comeuppance finally.

Overall, I would reread this to see my favorite couple in a long-last loving embrace. Those readers who love Jane Austen's novel, and seek in-depth retellings, hoping for more of these beloved characters, will thoroughly enjoy this fresh take by Kay Bea. I personally look forward to the new novella story teased in the conclusion that takes off where Love Unsought leaves us, especially after reading the little excerpt at the end of this book.

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