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Handprint Keychains for Mother's Day

Mother’s Day in my house is funny. My desired gifts aren’t exactly tangible. I prefer time, quiet creative time, or personal beauty time, time with my hubby. So the last several Mother’s Days I have tried to gift my own mother with mementos and gifts from myself and the kids, now that I can show my grown up appreciation for the years of motherhood that she survived. We have gifted her over the years with mugs, picture frames, flowers, breakfasts. But this year I discovered a new idea for my three little monsters to give their Grandmama that I think will melt her heart.

The project I plan to start on is Shrink-y Dink Handprint Keychains. I got the idea for these cute little handprints here:

Grey House Harbor

We relocated a few years ago, but before that we had lived right across the way from her. She enjoyed the ability to visit whenever she wanted, or when #LilBear wanted. #LilMonkey loves when she comes up to visit now, and now that #LilSweets has arrived I know Grandmama misses them every day. That is why the idea of carrying around their little handprints might be perfect for her.

The tools for the project are as follows:

-Shrink Dink paper (clear) (Afiliate Link)

-Paint and a brush (use acrylic paint, in different colors)

-A hole puncher

-Keychain links and ring for forming the chain

-A clear coat solution for sealing the painted hand in

-A permanent black marker

-A Oven, with a cookie sheet and parchment paper

*First you mix the paint and use a brush to apply the color to your child’s hand cover all the creases and lines.

*Take your little ones hand and place it firmly on the clear paper, be sure not to let them squirm! DON’T FORGET to label the hands with names and ages.

*When the paint is dry you cut out the hand and follow the directions for “baking” the sheet, DON’T FORGET to use a hole punch for making the keychain later.

*When the hands shrink down let them cool and then coat them in the clear sealant.

*When dried, place them on the rings and assemble the keychain.

When the keychain is finished I think it would be a great gift to give grandparents, and mothers for Mother’s Day, and fathers for Father’s Day. Let me know what you think and what other ideas you have for great Mother’s Day gifts for the kids to make.

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