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How Will I Write?

Vivi at Home

How Will I Write?

Today I am starting a new plan on how I will accomplish my Writing and Blogging goals in the light of my new home schedule. Now that our family has grown and my schedule has one more notch in it for our new baby, its become even more obvious that I need to recommit to my own goals for writing if I want to actually accomplish what I have set out to do.

Part of becoming a writer professionally will be knowing how to juggle schedules in my life. My kids schedules are first priority as you might imagine; can’t skip Dr’s Appointments, or show up late to school, or forget to feed them. But when I focus 100% on the kids and house my mind gets over cluttered and I stop feeling like me, and start feeling like an unfulfilled depressed do-nothing. So there has to be a happy medium between both worlds, I don’t want to be pitting my ambition and my obligations against each other because in the end they are both part of what makes me, me!

My Blogging goals are going to be the most complicated so I will outline that in a series of posts, but I will say that I plan on making quarterly goals, I plan to write articles or mini articles for daily interactions with my blog to keep up with a (hopefully) growing audience. I also will be doing daily social media or SEO checks to be sure I am learning about this craft what I can to gain an audience.

My Writing goals also will entail many steps, but my main goal will be to make a habit of writing. I want my quarterly goals to entail some form of check and balance to be sure I am wiring a significant amount every day. I need to grow my skills in the craft of writing, but I also need to teach myself the habit again. I want to publish so I need to also use any and all free time to be learning about that step, including the editing process.

My Personal goals are mostly about scheduling. I will be sticking to a much stricter schedule. I need to utilize my free time better, and commit to making more of my home time, to optimize a more organized and focused life for myself and my family. I am planning to get up earlier and start my day before my early riser children. I will get as much done during the day around the house so those quiet hours outside their awake hours will be spent on my craft. I also am expecting the upcoming summer to be a time to teach and learn new healthy sleep habits. I also am planning some health goals for our entire family to raise our outside activity levels and healthy eating habits as well.

Committing to a total change in the way I and we operate in our daily lives will help us to develop a more well rounded family, and will especially help me achieve my goal of being a successful Author who is also a successful full time Mom. There is no greater time than now to commit to myself, and I can’t wait to see the end result.

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