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Cleaning Crack ~ The Best household Cleaner EVER!!

So I moved a couple of times last year as some of you know. I had to clean two places, and I had to do it fast. Both times the cleaning came down to me, the Hubbs was either driving across the country or starting a new job. And this year we will be moving again in October. During this last year of uncertainty the one thing I can count on is that grease, dust and grime will build up. And now I can count on my Cleaning Crack.

When I was a kid, my mom relied on only a few cheap ingredients to keep our ever-busy house clean. She would always just hand us a bottle colored either clear or blue and we would get to work. If I had known then what I know now, I would not have used harsh chemicals and expensive cleaners. And what a waste of the old moolah that was!

The only two bottles my house needs contain the cheapest ingredients and pack the most punch. Cleaning Crack : or better yet the Blue Bottle. It contains one part Dawn dish soap, the plain blue stuff - a great grease fighter. Also, two parts plain white vinegar, the clear stuff. Vinegar cleans nearly everything if it sits long enough. Then you fill to the top with warm tap water. AND THAT’S it! That’s all you need, for a surface wiper, stain fighter, grease cutter. Sometimes I also sprinkle a little plain baking soda on the surface I'm cleaning. Be careful vinegar and baking soda reacts like a puffy white volcano, so don't overdo it! Also, any combo of these will work, FYI.

Now, growing up with my Mom I also learned that bleach is a staple in any cleaning bucket. I pour 1 -2 parts bleach into a plain bottle, be sure to mark this as BLEACH. It can be quite damaging and easily mistaken, and ruin your fabrics. Then add the plain water . THAT’S it! This will clean any of the rest of the surfaces you need to sanitize. And it will remove many hard stains. It can clean your kitchen/bathroom sink, counters, toilet. You can use both in the shower for an extra shine too. First, use the Blue Bottle for soap grime with the baking soda for a good scrub and to break up the scum. After that do a once over with bleach to sanitize and you are GOLDEN.

Of course, there are other less frequently needed chemicals for cleaning. And of course, when I have bottles mixed up or in my cabinet again I will write about them and their miracles. But this is the best basis for a good cleaning bucket. And having lots of sponges with a scrubby and soft side always helps!

Hope you enjoyed reading about my over simplified Cleaning Crack! Please check back for more, and leave me comments about your favorite cleaning hacks.

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