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Filling My Blog with Positivity

Here I sit at 11 pm on a Tuesday night, with an empty feeling about my day and I have decided something. I affect the world about me. My mood determines my day. I have had a crap year - since it is February, it would be accurate to say that I have had a crappy past twelve plus months. Our life has reset in a sense and things got placed on the shelf. But my mood changed. I feel it's a struggle to remain positive, it's hard to wakeup every morning and smile. I am known as a positive happy person, well up until the last year or so. I can feel the change that occurred affecting how I interact with the world around me and how they react to me. I have a plan to change things.

My Goal for the remaining year is to take it one day at a time, I know sometimes I will fail, and sometimes I will succeed. But it is important to keep going and develop the habit of positivity over time. My Goal is to gain a thourough knowledge of what makes my mind spin, what gets me down, and to combat the negative vibes.

My plan is:

  • Write daily- journaling, blog posts, working on my books, or even just a letter to a dear friend.

  • Keeping a small task list- for any side projects I need to do. I will have it filled with daily tasks to keep clutter down (I have found clutter brings my spirits down and overwhelms me.)

  • Remain Active- I plan to have at least 40 minutes of activity outside the house daily. A walk/jog, playdate, or just running around after LM.

  • Music- When I begin to sense I am feeling overwhelmed or low, I plan to have a ready-made music list that will motivate me to keep going.

My thinking is, that with these 4 tools in my tool belt I can stop the negative things I deal with on a daily basis from reaching me. Sticking to a plan can be somewhat challenging so I also plan to use the tool of alarms and reminders on my phone. I plan to try to surround myself with positive people and images as often as I can and to use social media and my blog for public accountability. Which should keep me on-track. What tips do you have for this world where positivity is a virtue and harnessing it can be somewhat of a challenge?

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