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Why I Write Ellyron

I am kinda nuts about this book. I know I have been dreaming about it , talking to myself about it, for years. And by years I mean the first time this book popped into my head was sometime in 2006, I was working in an orange county office, where I would sometimes take my lunches outside to escape the dragon-lady office mate that I shared my office with. She was horrid and yelled at me like I was her servant, somedays I would stare out my tiny little narrow window and watch the glimpse of nature and wish I could be there instead, I would count the seconds until I could escape that stuffy office and breath the fresh air of freedom, and when lunch time hit – I was outta there like a bat outta hell!

The small courtyard outside had tall trees that always rained down crumply leaves, and cement blocks built like planters patterned out across it in rows. I used to sit there munching on whatever I had with me, scribbling on my yellow legal pads, taking notes and detailing the story about Sebastian and his journey through the magical world I now know was Ellyron. He took shape in my mind, slowly at first – he was a male version of me as a child. Then something amazing happened, he became himself through various morphs and trials as one relative or another, he settled for a time on (my eventual husband) David as a child – scraggly, alone, and copper headed. But now I know Sebastian has become his own person. Over the last 6 years my eyesight has been fuzzy and I have lost touch, even when I finished the manuscript of the first book of his adventures I realized that I was writing through writers block and so the draft was very jumbled and crumpled. It is my job to iron it out.

I have tried to walk away, work or focus on something else, trust me my life is plenty busy, but something about him, about that story, about my pulls me back and I think, what if? One day I will finish and even if I am the only one who reads it, what if will be answered.

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