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Daily Prompt ~ Write about getting caught in the act.

Idea of Me ~ A Writers Book of Days

The lazy sounds of breathing meet my ear and I can feel hair being lightly blown back and forth over the canal that sits on the side of my face. His warm breath caresses my skin and I nuzzle back into that warmth, pressing my bottom closer to his anatomy. I sleepily leave my dreams and the sounds of the morning meet me as my eyes pry themselves open slowly. It’s warm and comforting here. I feel the body next to me harden as his arm encircles my waist and I realize there is an urgency in his touch, he is awake too, unmistakably so. The feeling of his hands reaching for me comforts me. I forget everything except the warmth of his touch as he kisses my shoulder. In the privacy of our bed with our bodies moving underneath the covers we continue to rediscover each other, until the door bursts open.

“Mooommm, he keeps touching my dolls.” The shrill voices invade our silence.

“No, I don’t she bothering me!” the other returns.

“Momma I’m hungry, I want tooooons.” the touching hands on my hips stall and the eyes close in a feigned attempt to throw off the little ones.

“I am coming guys.” I respond outing myself to avoid the inevitable two legged monsters joining us in bed. ” meet you in the living room in two minutes.”

“You owe me.” I call over my shoulder as I climb out of the warmth of my bed, my haven. While he gets to snuggle back down into the covers.

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