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Another Excerpt from Ellyron ~ Sebastian returns home but alone

Once again I am back at the computer writing the story that just won’t go away, so here is another scene that I

wrote like a year ago but added some elements to today that I think is fairly solid. Again I am unsure where in the story it will be, although I know where in the timeline it will appear. As with other excerpts please respect my creative rights and just enjoy!

“SEBASTIAN!!?” her elderly voice hit octaves he never knew it could hit before this moment. “Sebastian…” She was screaming as she reached him almost tripping over stones in what he could now see was the dark riverbed near the house. He could see the stars above and the grass below him. The flashlights were like beacons flashing this way and that in the darkness of night before her shaking hands grasped both his arms. “WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? My God where have you been?” Sebastian looked into her elderly eyes and saw pure fear. He winced at the thought that he would cause his Grandma worry or pain, but the words that followed next made his heart stop beating.

“Sebastian where are the others?”

“What do you mean boy, how can you not know where you left them?”

It was a fiasco, the Sheriff with the round belly was interrogating Sebastian, had been for hours. He saw all of his friends parents, their faces long and drawn, red teary eyes that looked like they couldn’t cry anymore, his own grandma kept wringing her arthritis ridden age spot covered hands and saying “they couldn’t have just vanished, could they?”

When they pulled Lily in to re-question her Sebastian couldn’t breath, it was Gerdie, It was Lily, but she looked so much more like Gerdie to him now. He breathed a ragged breath and couldn’t blink, she was watching him with her ice eyes and Sebastian was afraid she could see right through him. He thought of how they had not been able to save Gerdie, how could he, knowing she had a little sister and parents to come back home to? Sebastian couldn’t take it anymore.

“OK I will tell you where I left them,” Suddenly all eyes were on him and he felt the air weighing heavy on his next words.

“We were in the woods,” he began very carefully “We got sucked into a pond and then we were on a beach,” He told them how they were attacked, how they were rescued and then how they were all trying to get back home. And when they reached the doorway that was supposed to return them home somehow he was pushed into it alone, and that was the last he had seen of any of his friends. The next thing he knew he was here and had no idea why the rest hadn’t followed.

The room was silent, the air was still and Sebastian waited. No one moved, no one even blinked. The sheriff rose and silently asked all the parents, including his Grandma to step outside for a moment. When he turned back to face Sebastian his face was gradually turning red and the bald on top was getting shiny with sweat.

“No you listen you little Shit! If you want to lie to cover up for you and your little friends you better find a better one, I got 5 sets of parents here who you are dam near scaring to death. You’re gonna lead me on a wild goose chase and waste my time from finding these kids, now you can cut the bull or I will be forced to take things to a drastic level, …you tell me what you and your troublemaking friends was doin and where they are hiding, right now!” He shouted slamming his fist on the table shaking the room to the ground.

Sebastian jumped on that last word, he had been through so much, now no one was going to believe him on top of it all. “I’m not lying, I don’t know how to get to them.”

“Have it your way.” Said the fat man in a deeply sinister voice before he exited the room slamming the door as he went. Sebastian watched him through the glass and blinds and he could see the other parents surround him and Grand as he talked shaking his head, she began to cry and the others nodded their heads. Lily was standing by her parents, her eyes focused through the glass on him, judgment and anger seeped through her young eyes. Sebastian could never know that despite escaping the darkness and the battle that raged on in that mysterious place, he was now about to face a different kind of battle – but he would be all alone.

~This excerpt and the characters within are my own intellectual property, created by myself for my book series entitled The Scrolls of Ellyron. Please respect my creations, and rights and do not duplicate or use in any form ~VM

**Copyright © Vivien McCarthy/Beginning My Writing Journey/IdeaOfMe 2014 all rights reserved**

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