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Excerpt from Ellyron Series BOOK 3- “Sebastian finds Beth”

Hi everyone this small excerpt just came to me in a short writing session, I am not sure what leads to it or what follows it, but here it is and as always , enjoy!

He stepped out of the shadows, his eyes wide despite the darkness shifting to light. The face before him was perfect serene, older, illuminated in maturity. She was every bit the way he remembered, her nose still lightly freckled, the short blunt brown hair had given way to long soft swooping tresses of waist length hair glowing with light. Her eyes once deep pools of blue seemed to be oceans now as the recognition he felt was registering in her mind as well. Her coral colored mouth dropped open to speak but no sound revealed itself. Instead a single tear dropped from its place in the pools and streamed a line down her cheek. He could see her mouthing the whisper of his own name and she stepped towards him. He extended his arms and feet so fast that he caught her just as she began to fall. The fainting spell was not expected but he caught her just in time, they were not as young as they had once been but she could still take his breath away. He lifted her gently into his arms and proceeded into the courtyard. Where the rest stood waiting. Beth was coming-to by the time he sat with her on the low cobbled stone bench. It had been two decades for him since he had last seen her face, but for her it had been nearly a lifetime. And when she opened her teared eyes again she spoke the whisper completely.

“It’s you.” Her mouth was smiling as she said “You came back for us?”

“I would never have left you all behind, on purpose, never.”

Her eyes closed as if she was finally free and realized that the battle she was fighting all along was for something, he was suddenly and assuredly vindicated. The fear that he abandoned them in the midst of a war he knew them to be loosing was finally melted away from the recesses of her mind. She was now suddenly positive that he never stopped trying, that the Darkness had played on the one fear she never allowed to escape her lips.

Ben watching the exchange from the other side of the room wanted to run a clasp Sebastian’s shoulders in his, he wanted to hug him, tell him all the changes that had occurred in his absence, but the children that accompanied Sebastian were beginning to ask questions. He had to calm their fears and guide them. Sebastian and Beth needed these moments alone. Gareth and Ben were the only two who could calm them into silence, and retrieve their information regarding the lost son of Sebastian and the other pure child. They diligently went to work asking the 6 how the door to Ellyron was opened and who was released from the book. They had to be prepared for anything that was to come.

~This excerpt and the characters within are my own intellectual property, created by myself for my book series entitled The Scrolls of Ellyron. Please respect my creations, and rights and do not duplicate or use in any form ~VM

**Copyright © Vivien McCarthy/Beginning My Writing Journey/IdeaOfMe 2014 all rights reserved**

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