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21 Days to Build a Habit

This Morning I awoke from a foggy hot sleep, to the realization that I have not blogged in over a month. I was

shocked, and then I was not so surprised that when you get down to it, I am not a very good journal-er – I never have been. I have piles of pages torn from various journals I wrote in since I was young. Now that I am committed to writing and becoming a writer I need to change that element in myself that limits me. I need to learn how to be a journal-er.

I have decided that I will recommit myself to writing a weekly blog post for the blog and a daily journal prompt as well. I feel it is the only way I can hone my skills and practice what I am and have been learning. The idea is this:

I plan to use my database of Prompt Ideas from the book I have listed on this website (A Writers Book of Days) a 15 minute nonstop writing blurb based on the suggested prompt, I will spellcheck and slightly edit based on this immediately after but then I will post it in my daily column. BUT once a week I will plan a longer post that will be worked on and edited and proofread before posting at the end of the week; This is where I will need YOUR help. I would like for some of you who read this blog, and checkout this website to leave me ideas you wish to read about: prompts, a few words to build a scene, story, or character on and let me take it from there. I will include as many as I can and hopefully create an outcome that helps me stretch my wings as a writer, and excites your interest as well as my readers.

In the form below I would like those of you whom would like to participate to leave me as detailed info as you wish about who you are and what you would like to read about. And then check back to see how I take your suggestions and turn them into something fun. OK so let’s get this YEAR started off right and have fun! Thanks to those of you who have been reading and keep coming back for more:)

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