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Gobble Gobble…Wobble Wobble. Gobble Gobble

I knew it was coming and I must have been getting ready for it all month-long. I’m pretty sure I

was stretching my stomach in preparation, and mostly stress eating all November through. Some major factors contributed to my binge eating on cookies at midnight and making 2 cheesecakes in 30 days, and as a result all the progress I have had over the last 6 months has been blow to hell ( going from 222lbs in May 5th to 203lbs by Oct 31st) I am now a whopping 213 −214 lbs on my bathroom scale, and the wedding dress that I wore when we got married in June (6 months ago) that came home from my sisters closet only last week, seemed a bit too snug. :(

Alas I must start anew…the holiday season seems like the worst time for me to try to lose those gained pounds of cheesecake, cookies and turkey…BUT it’t not! And I’ll tell you why; because I decided that it IS NOT! Let me explain: all my life I have made excuses for why things can’t be done, what needs to be in place before I can get moving on something and so forth. But when I went from 230 lbs to 188 lbs – that’s a loss of 72 lbs – in a matter of under a year, I didn’t look for reasons to do it, I didn’t plan, or think perhaps I should maybe get my ass up – I just did it. I put my headphones on listened to a long playlist and just kept moving, and for a month straight it was a battle of wills; my ass’s will to stay on the couch, my stomach’s will to pretend it was starving all the time, and the will of my mind to say “EFF you, you lazy bum, GET UP AND DO IT!” And I did and then the next month that battle got a little bit easier, and so on until people who had been worried about my health were saying “Wow, you look so good! Keep it up!” I was excited.

I was cocky and I got complacent. I slipped and slid my way back down to tip the heavy side of the scale and before I knew it my success was short-lived, I was 230 and pregnant with my second baby. When Little Monkey was 4 or 5 months old and Little Bear was settled into her new kindergarten schedule and I had a new fantastic Jogger Stroller it took my body almost no time to remember the rhythm, the routine and the awesome feeling. I jogged my way down to 203 lbs.

IMG_2481Me at 203lbs 2 months ago after a sweaty jog, PARDON THE BOOBS:/

Even though I have lost some momentum and gained the 10 or 11 lbs I know I can get started up and stick to it this time. And the best part: Hubby is able to join in the new routine. SO Get ready to tie those shoelaces and crank those tunes… Monday morning here I come!

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