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Daily Prompt ~ There is a place called …

In the recesses of darkness and the coils of haze there is a place…The walls move and the pulse is steady, the land is fertile and the flowing river, sweet. A smell of warmth and harmony floats through the spaces with a golden and green glow. People, faces, and names exist here. Colors that cannot be seen with the eye, and symphonies that curl sweetly beyond the ear, live here. I live here when its cold, I live here when its warm. I return to the comfortable and fullness of the place that holds me. My true self, my imagination, my soul, my creativity, my fears, my securities- they rest within it’s expansive lands. Sometimes sunshine, sometimes rain; we wear the warmth of this place like a fluffy blanket wrapped about us. There is a place called my mind and it gives me a fruitful, beautiful, full life. There is a place called home.

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