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Daily Prompt ~ Write about a daydream

I often sit and watch my children play and remember, the frequent days sitting on the field of my elementary school where I used to daydream every recess about my little cottage in the woods…

When I want to escape my noisy elementary school and the loud children who fight and play I go to the far side of the lower field, in a soft grassy crater of earth where a tree once grew, I sit waiting for the daydream to take hold. Here the sunny playground and loud noises melt away behind a veil of shaded forest trees. Here my cottage of dreams awaits.

The cottage sits in the middle of a clearing in the woods. There are cobble stone steps and a proch that lead to the door, a green door with a shiny silver knob. A little stream runs under the cobble stone path and I can sit for hours and listen to the tinkling of the stream that drowns out the other children playing on the hot field in the middle of recess. I garden in my sanctuary for foods I can store in my pantry and pick deliciously warm and gooey berries until I decide it is time for tea. I go inside my little cool cottage gently closing the wooden door. Inside the walls are pale pink, and the curtains are hand sewn by me. The delicate tea set is already laid out on the table and I bake the berries I gathered into a sweet smelling pie. I sweep and tidy for company might be coming , I stare at my shelf of numerous books, I begin to read one cozy in my large cushy chair under the blanket with my warm tea and a slice of pie. Sometimes I have visitors, sometimes I just clean and everyday I bake. I brush my long hair and sew my simple comfy clothes, and my one knit sweater. I write books and make beautiful artwork and play the old piano that sits in the corner. When visitors come I find myself always taken on an adventure or two.

Often my daydream gets interrupted, boys or girls teasing that I talk to myself or that I am crazy because I am touching things no one can see. I ignore them all and watch the little blue bird sitting on my porch eating bird seed from the feeder that hangs from the rood, I ignore them as i smell the warm spiced apple cookies baking in the oven, I ignore them as I garden for carrots or broccoli in my garden. If they could see what I see they might not be so mean, they might come and join me for a slice of pie and a spot of tea.

Almost My Dream Cottage

I found this photo above that looks similar to my Dream Cottage from all those years ago viaPositively Purple,

and have learned that it is The Gardener’s Cottage near Glenveagh Castle in County Donegal, I hope to visit someday.

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