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Daily Prompt ~ It’s raining

**** This is an alternate view point from Beth instead of Sebastian of a Scene in Chapter 2 of The Lavender Mirror****It’s raining now. The sky was clear this morning and the air was hot and dry. But just in the last 15 minutes the dark cloud looming in the distance crept up until it was suddenly right on top of us. We sit huddled in the tree-house listening as the strange winds begin to pick up outside, they are whipping the leaves and debris back and forth, when only a few minutes ago everything was as still as death in the over bearing heat. I can’t breathe as they stand there eye to eye challenging each other without uttering a word. I cringe but no one seems to notice. The dare that was made by Nico is the elephant in the very small room, now all that remains is the massive looming question, will he accept.

Sebastian does. He accepts by turning and heading out the door, where once the heat beat down we see a soft mist begin as he swings the door open wide. The air is frantic with electricity and excitement. We all follow. Down the stairs he stomps to the pungent damp earth and we all tread across grass and stone to the pile of bikes near the back gate. Each of us swing our legs into action as if we are saddling up our stallions. We peddle in silence, the light mist is now fat plopping drops splashing my face and shoulders. My short brown hair clings to my cheeks and my damp sticky jean cutoffs cling to my thighs as I peddle as hard as I can, keeping pace with the others. We are headed to the towering fortress of forest trees that line the back field beyond our neighborhood. We navigate the dirt paths, seeing our destination up ahead, knowing that soon we will be there makes me shiver despite the hot sticky rain that is now soaking deep into my bones. The others look focused, wet, and excited and when we pull up to the mouth of the trail leading into the fortress we dismount and drop our bikes again into a pile. A bolt of light and a loud shake of thunder snap at us in warning.

“Maybe we could come back tomorrow.” I say in an unfamiliar shaky voice, shouting over the loud sploshing sounds of the rain that start to beat down harder.

“Oh why don’t the babies just go home then, we’re not afraid of a little rain – it’s not even cold.” Shouted Nico through the pounding of the water on the ground. He pushed past Sebastian running his fingers over his head, sending the spikes of black hair standing taller than before giving him a more menacing look than I had ever seen in all the years that I knew him. Once under the cover of trees he threw up his hands.”…See its hardly raining here.” He looked at us, then turned to see the darkness and fog behind him. He started off without even looking back.

Sebastian, despite being the new kid seemed to know that Nico would not be distracted and nodded before he began after him. Ben and Thaddeus followed closely after wiping the wetness from their skin as they walked. Reluctantly Gerdie and I also stepped into the dark wood. We headed down the dark moss padded trail and ahead I saw Sebastian look back, I knew what he was looking for; but even now all he would see in the shaded mist was the field we rode through to get here and wide tree trunks and dark fog.

~This excerpt and the characters within are my own intellectual property, created by myself for my book series entitled The Scrolls of Ellyron. Please respect my creations, and rights and do not duplicate or use in any form ~VM

**Copyright © VM Lawrence/Beginning My Writing Journey 2014/Idea Of Me 2014 all rights reserved**

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