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Daily Propmt ~ My Mother Once Told Me…

Idea of Me ~ Writers Book of Days

My mother once told me to sit still, eat my food, stop fidgeting. My Mother once told me that the earth is round and the grass is green and we all die someday. My Mother once fed me soup when I was ill and stroked my hair when I was sleeping. My Mother once fed my imagination by sending me out to play. My Mother sometimes spoke sharply and sometimes softly and sometimes she didn’t speak at all. My Mother once yelled at me and told me not to yell. My mother held me close after she gave birth to me and held my hand after I gave birth. My mother hears all and hears nothing, especially when her hearing aid is out of batteries. My Mother smiles and laughs and frowns and furrows her brow at my ideas, my thoughts, my children, my life. But my mother once told me that I needed to live my life because it is the only one I can live. My mother once told me that being a mother is having your heart walking the world apart from your body. My mother once told me walk softly and carry a big stick. My mother holds a passion for things in life, things I don’t understand, but I want to learn to be that passionate. My Mother and I sit on the porch watching the birds bathe in the bird bath and I want to say all the things to her I feel. My Mother once told me silence is golden.Not sure if this can be a poem so it’s just a 10 minute blurb:)

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