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Daily Prompt~ Write about a Summer Night

Warm crisp air. Palm trees standing tall rocking gently to the melody of the breeze. The purple

Idea of Me ~ Writer's Book of Days

and golden haze set with the sun into a starry violet sky. The tiki lamps and candle light play with the ground in a delicate dance and the cement that surrounds the glistening pool of water make a wide spread dance floor. Bare tanned feet swirl along the ground, the sounds of music spreading a harmony across the dimly lit place. We dance to the sounds of Carlos Santa’s “Moon Flower”. The wordless enchantment is the harmony of our night. We jump in and out of the water that warms our bodies and swirl around in the Summer night air. The Moon rises overhead and sends a spotlight to our cement stage. The taste of the crisp night air settles on our lips with the mixture of salsa and corn chips. The hum of the town around us does not invade our sanctuary over looking the canyon facing westward. When the night is done and the warm showers are had and PJs are donned, I sit at my west facing window breathing in the nights summery spiciness and have waking dreams. I must jot down before they escape me, I pull out the screen in just the right way and climb out onto the hard patio awning , I shimmy around the corner and climb into the roof of the kitchen, watching the night sky and writing in my journal in my adolescent scratch while I dream my hopeful dreams of the future and imagine all that I can. ***This is how I spent much of the best Summer of my life being a teen, I loved the magical feeling of the summer nights and the added fun of swimming in a dimly lit pool to cool off after a hot day. **

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