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Daily Prompt ~ If I had my way ...

Image by Gary Tarlton Via Daily Architecture Design

If I had my way the room would be in a remote part of a property we will someday own. It would be isolated and yet accessible in case I want to be inspired by disturbance; I would go there for the peace and quiet. It would be stand alone, not attached to a house or other structure. It would have several decks so I could sit in the fresh air and write observing the scenery when I need inspiration, and large windows where I could perch like a cat and read. The room would be my own. I would have a wall in the room just for story boarding (possibly magnetic chalk or dry erase). It would have a couch to nap on, with a side table where I would keep my idea jar (the one I painted and have been filling for years) a pen and paper, so when I woke from a particularly stirring dream (which I also have often) I could capture every detail before a single childish voice shakes it from my memory with their sweet requests. "Mommy I'm hungry" "Mommy I can't reach..." If I had my way there would be snacks and water and coffee, cause well lets face's me. I would have my boxes of papers and notes and scribbles in neatly kept filing cabinets for me to reach into when I need, instead of being cornered with the bills and kids homework, like it is now. There would be my wall of authors that He would make just for me from his little print shop, the faces of those who have inspired me and those who I hope to join someday. My desk would be a large glass table mostly empty except my laptop and a stack of paper for the occasional handwritten needs. If I had my way this would be my place, my haven, my room.

I miss having my own room, I had one once for 3 years when I was 14-17 and it was glorious. I decorated it myself, and moved my furniture nearly once a month, I loved how it felt to have a space of my own, where my dreams and thoughts could escape and bring forth the most beautiful and intricate things, so nearly real that I forgot they were just imagined. When I had that room I had my freedom, a freedom of thought and independence, and freedom to create what I felt. I love sharing my space with those I love; the baby the child the man the cat. The dream is: If I had my way ... the space we share would make room for who I am too.

**Image by Gary Tarlton { } Via Daily Architecture Design {}**

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