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Daily Prompt~ Write about a justifiable sin (an excerpt from my current novel)

His blood boiled, he could feel the steam within his lungs as the heat grew. The sting he felt in his eyes as he watched those about him hurt more than he expected. Anger, he hadn’t felt anger in the entire time since their arrival in this place, until now. He knew it wasn’t jealousy, it wasn’t fear, it wasn’t what most would think of as a sin; but he knew what he was feeling was wrong. The anger, aggression and wrath he could feel through his entire body now was ready to burst from his being; if he didn’t control it soon he would live to regret the actions he took.

“Sebastian is something wrong?” He could hear her asking. He didn’t care to respond to Beth, he knew he had to confront Nico. His dark eyes revealed nothing but Sebastian knew that they were dark for a reason and that Nico was deliberately not telling the group about his change. He had taken something into his soul in the dark tower, Sebastian was certain, but of what he could not be sure. Nico had changed and the change was ever so subtle but Sebastian could see it.

“We should be asking Nico that.” he said stopping dead in front of Nico. “We should be asking him what exactly happened between him and Gerdie, and why she died.” He nearly shouted, he couldn’t contain the accusation in his voice. None of this seemed to shake Nico’s calm demeanor or reserved tone.

“I’ve told you Sebastian; I blacked out, it was cold and I was scared, I admit it. When I came to she was gone.” Nico gave them no more than the first time he recounted the loss of their friend. His voice was not more emotional than the time before.

Liar. I know you saw her fall, I can’t explain it. But I know. Sebastian’s thoughts screamed out so loud in his head that he winced a little, the wrath in his mind could barely be contained. I will prove it if it’s the last thing I do. He finally calmly thought.

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