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Daily Prompt ~ Write what you didn’t do.

Idea of Me ~ Writer's Books of Days

Dishes stacking higher than the Eiffel Tower. Mountains of laundry and blankets of dust.Bills waiting not so patiently in a corner, and cat litter to scoop.

I didn’t want to move from this spot. I thought about making a website, a blog; something like that before. I’ve been a Mom for 5 years, I’ve written stories since before I knew what the internet was, I’ve wanted to share myself with the world for as long as I can remember. I decided what I didn’t do today wouldn’t hurt me. I sipped on coffee, nursed the baby, researched, practiced, typed, clicked, and posted. I worked on my site, my blog today. I didn’t live my daily struggle of house chores or home life things that bog me down. Today I didn’t live for anyone else but me.

BUT I also didn’t write my book:/ oh well there is always tomorrow, right?

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