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Daily Prompt ~ You're in the backseat of a taxi.

This should be interesting, its my first time in a taxi ride and I don't really know what to expect. You see I have


seen movies about people who have been in a taxi. Oh, and there is that show FRIENDS, I think, where Phoebe drives one after she inherits it from her Grandmother. I know that things can happen in a taxi. And I know that it must be very hard to maintain with people always coming and going, the shows and movies where you see the most taxi drivers are the big inner cities where everyone either has to walk, take a bus/subway, or call a taxi. That's gotta make for a lot of mess. I'm from California we don't exactly need them, unless we are getting a ride to the airport and don't want to pay to have our car parked. I had a boyfriend once who chose to have a taxi pick him up for a flight, he was from the east coast and couldn't "get" why I wasn't familiar with taxi companies and didn't know which one to call."I never have the need, sheesh!" it seemed so obvious.

I guess we Californian's have it made, everywhere we wanna go in this great state you just take your car. Beach: car, so you can fit your surfboard and kids sand toys. Mountains: definitely car so you can bring your camping gear or snow gear. Wineries: somebody has to be the sober driver. Amusement parks: how will you sneak in all those snacks to avoid the overpriced food? Car, then backpack! The taxi line I have seen outside the airport looks so lonely waiting for some weary traveler to pick them and say lets go! Now mind you I know the big cities like LA and San Diego probably could prove me wrong, but again that is really only for the inner cities where you are driving a circuit of one-way streets and a maze of tall tall buildings. But once you hit the I-5 or the 405 its open road, long stretches of ocean views and mountainous ranges that anyone would be crazy to pay per minute to sit through when they could drive it at their own pace, and occasionally stop and get out stretch their legs and say...I just feel like putting my toes in the sand.:) oh what's that we're here? How much do I owe you?

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