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Writing when No-One is Watching

Writing when no-one is watching is a skill mastered with routine. When we write many of us need the added boost of a group writing session or sprints, we need that little extra push from the background noise at a coffeehouse. We are social creatures and sometimes writing socially helps motivate us to get our words on paper. But when suddenly faced with the prospect of months on end with no social outlet for writing, what do you do? How do you keep the momentum going to write when no-one is looking?

First, you can challenge yourself with several tools to keep you writing, like the Pomodoro method. This is when you write for 25 timed minutes and then take a short 5-minute break and then write again for 25 minutes. You pace this writing method out for the duration of the writing day it will help you get more done. About every 4 Pomodoro sets it’s recommended that you take a longer pause like 30 minutes to get up and stretch or eat or move around. You can also have fun with this by using fun-themed apps or alarms to track your Pomodoro.

You can also use word tracking tools to keep track of your progress on how many words a day you are writing Vs what it leaves to do and don’t forget to fill in spots where you reward yourself for goals met. This will keep you in view of your larger writing goals even when you have no one to be accountable to but yourself.

If you thrive off the sounds and smells of working at a coffee shop or library, you can recreate them with the use of Music Apps like Spotify or Pandora, using their music lists that simulate a coffee shop or background noises, and brewing your own coffee, can help you with that feeling.

Also, if you need the interaction of other writers to bounce ideas off of or to just hear a little of their jabber, there are sites like Google Meetings or Discord where you can gather a group of like-minded people to interact. The best part of this is you can mute them when you get into your writing flow and then pick back up if you slow down and need the interaction.

Writing when no one is watching is a skill easily mastered that can lead to more productive ways of working and reaching your word count goals.

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