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 Welcome to my Mom/Author Site. I am an aspiring author of many genres, including YA and YA Fantasy, Fiction, Magical Realism, Romance, Children’s Chapter Books, and Picture Books. However, I am also a Mom of 3 wild, crazy beautiful kids. My goal is to get published and juggle my writing journey while also raising my busy family. I will keep track of my goals and the pitfalls and successes as I travel the path from aspiring Author to published/working Author. 

Please feel free to follow me on this journey. There will be fun and funnies and lots of hard work and dreaming. I hope you enjoy the ride.


        VM  Lawrence

VM Lawrence is a lifelong writer with a love of learning and adventure. Her big imagination has been a useful tool ever since she was a six-year-old, dreaming up stories about her favorite teddy bears. Sometimes it can be a curse, giving her many paths to follow, but don't worry. That pesky imagination always leads her back home to her writing.

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