Starting my own Digital Art Buisness

So Last year in December, after at least a year of prodding from my frustrated husband, I opened my first digital art shop. My goal is to sell the art and designs I was making as I practiced digital art while illustrating my first and now second picture books. To start this story, I’ll tell you two things about me. As a child, I lived in my own worlds of creativity. To survive the wild and sometimes super 80s childhood I had, my primary way of expressing myself came out in the form of creative arts. I would draw and write stories every day of my life since I was at least 5 years old. It has always been my reset point in life, and sometimes when I am

Meet Vivi

Welcome to my site and lifestyle blog. I hope anything you find here will be useful, fun, and entertaining:) please feel free to contact me with ideas, tips, or even questions. XOXO

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