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My journey to winning NaNo 2016

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

So for those of you who don't know...NaNo is short, for the short name of National Novel Writing Month. The month starts Nov 1st and ends on the last day of November, and everything in between is up for grabs.

30 days of writing as much as you can for as often as you can... there is a goal word count and after 4 years of 6 trying to do NaNo I have not even come close... I write. I start strong with a plan and a layout and goals. But every year I run into complications, distractions, life changes, and chaos.

This year I am embracing the chaos! Not that I plan to throw my papers in the air and scream and pull out my hair during every word session. Instead I have made a plan that I don't expect to finish. I fact My family and I have a move scheduled 7 days before the start of NaNo, and all my tools are packed and waiting. My usually distracted life is boiled down to the simple basics for the next 7 days: food, kids, husband, sleep, writing. It's very simple, in fact I think I will unpack slowly to keep it simple.

My other idea about embracing the chaos is to pick back up, my idea of a short story collection. I have one solid, finished, short story and several ideas...the ingredients for a great peice novel or several single submissions I could send out after NaNo is done. I like this plan on it's chaotic simplicity.

Execution will be easy as November is one of my favorite times, it's the real beginning of fall in California, and not quite winter (when all I want to do is cuddle bake and sleep) so it's the perfect time to write and be productive.

Plus school is still in session for Little Bear and that means less whining and more time to work. Our new home will provide ample play space for Little Monkey, so he will play and I will write. The trade off seems fair.

NaNo is -I think- about embracing your strengths and using them to push you to your limits, and success; I think it's high time I actually see how much I can handle.


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